Orders go through 2 stages, for each you will receive an email.

Paying with credit card
Processing: Once you have completed the checkout process, you’ll shortly receive an automatic email confirming your order has been placed. It can take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your inbox. This confirms that Mo:Dem Festival has received your order and it is in process. Your order will then be passed to our customer care team who will review the info and validate your order.

Paying by Bank Transfer – Bank Transfers Are Currently Disabled
On Hold: When paying by bank transfer it can take between 3-7 working days for funds to reflect in our bank account.
Once the payment is received, your order status will be updated to “completed” and E-tickets will be sent to the email provided during the personalisation process. The order is valid for 7 days, if payment is not received within this time frame your order will be cancelled.

Completed: Once your order has been validated by our team, you will receive an email notifying you that your order status has been changed from processing to complete.

If you have not received an order confirmation email, please follow the below steps:
  • Check your spam or junk folder.
  • Be patient: it can take up to 48 hours for an email confirmation to arrive.
  • If you have not received your order confirmation email within 48hr please contact us.

Once your order status has been changed to “completed”, E-tickets will be sent to the email provided during the personalisation process. This is delivered separately to your order confirmation and order completed emails.

Remember to check your other folders in your email account, such as Promotions or Spam. Alternatively use the search bar in your email account to search for emails from tickets@modemfestival.com.

The purchase price is expressed in Croatian Kuna.

Depending on the terms of your credit or debit card, you may be charged a foreign transaction fee. A foreign transaction fee is an extra charge added by some card providers. The currency conversion rate is set by the card network and is typically close to the current market exchange rate.

For more details check your credit card’s terms and conditions, where any potential fees will be listed under transaction fees.

Refunds are not possible for tickets bought in the June 2022 resale phase.

Below we explain some reasons why your card payment might fail.
  • Your bank or credit card provider has declined the payment during the WSPay secure payment gateway verification process. Please contact your bank to find out more.
  • You did not receive the one-time pin or approval message to authorise the transaction. Please contact your bank to find out why.
  • There was a technical error in the WSPay secure payment gateway. Contact WSPay directly:
    WSPay – Payment Service Provider
    Phone: +385 51 269 131
    Mob: +385 91 269 1312
    Email: wspay@wspay.info 
    It is important to note that WSPay secure payment gateway is a different system from Mo:Dem Shop and is controlled by your bank or credit card provider.
  • Your internet connection is not stable, this can especially cause problems during the authorisation process.
  • You have insufficient funds in your account.
  • Your card is blocked from making online payments.

In the case that the verification process is interrupted, the bank temporarily reserves the amount from your card for up to 7 working days, that is why sometimes the amount appears to be deducted but in fact is just reserved.

If the transaction is not successful the funds will be returned to you.

In the case of a successful transaction, you will receive confirmation from Mo:Dem Shop.

Please note that notifications from your bank that funds have been reserved is not the same as a successful payment and funds being deducted from your bank account. If you are unsure whether your order was successful please email us at shop@modemfestival.com or contact your bank to find out the status of the transaction.